A New Theory of Aging

People are born and die, and this has been accepted to be normal. Arriving in a human form for the first time I would think it mad that everyone was resigned to this fate, that in the end there is no escape from death. That is all well and good, and if this be the exit for all, then Art is the natural pursuit of man; if die we must, then we must fully live in the moment, expressing the fractal divinity of nature through our own duality, as a reflection of the polarity of our physical universe. Our psyche’s limited ego clamors for apotheosis into oneness, to realizing the self without surrendering into that sea of nothingness from which no one returns. The realization of self before we are shuffled off this mortal coil is the primary occupation of the Hu-man. Your body is a book on loan to you from the galactic library. What did you do with this book of life while you had it on loan, did you study it fully? Did you pick it up casually once in a while? Did it sit on shelf untouched quietly as the due date loomed. Life is futile but we live it anyway, but if all futilities in our entropic physicality be the same, and to humor that spark of soul we have that believes anything is possible, why is it that alchemy is not the science above all? Much of the monumental resources at our disposal are just implements of our own destruction. Perhaps the primary occupation of all science should be the unraveling of the mechanics of aging. Science preoccupies itself with everything external, excluding metaphysics, and this is how you lose Art, this is how you lose access to creation. This is devolution. No wonder our brains have shrunk in the last 12,000 years. When science resolves divinity with physics, then the curtains to Knowledge will open, like it did to the ancient seafarers, who mapped the stars in their minds. Taoism talks about immortality through the body, the perfection of this temple unlocking higher levels of awareness. Tales of “leaving with your boots on,” being lifted up by angels on flaming chariots and taken up to heaven, and “melting the bones” and awakening your “spirit body” before you due are sparkles of hope from an alternative reality for humanity. The few initiated into the greater mysteries have left record of their path. Their narrative of unlimited potential and true human empowerment is buried in the populist noise of a deathist culture preoccupied with sensual distractions devoid of any rejuvenative benefit.

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”                                                                                                                                                                  – Robert Frost



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