Icarus & Daphne

This is a story of two modern people whose stories parallel those of two character’s from Greek Mythology. Icarus is an anachronistic poet bard dreaming of true love. In the original myth of Icarus, he was the boy who didn’t heed the warnings of his father and flew too close to the sun, burned his wings, […]

The Number of God is 26

In Kabbalah they believe that God is from A to Z. Or in another word, God is word.  And in Christianity it is exactly the same. Old tenement declares; At the beginning there was word, word was with God , word was God. Same story, God is word. In Hebrew, the number of God is […]


Hawaiki is the place where Io, the supreme being, created the world and its first people. It is the place from which each person comes, and it is where each will return after death. Full story by Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal Main image: ‘Hawaiki’, by Wilhelm Dittmer