The Number of God is 26

In Kabbalah they believe that God is from A to Z. Or in another word, God is word.

 And in Christianity it is exactly the same. Old tenement declares;

At the beginning there was word, word was with God , word was God.

Same story, God is word.

In Hebrew, the number of God is 26, and the number of Love is 13.

13+13 = 26

Means that Lover + Beloved together will make or will become God.

That is why 26 means God.

God is the trinity. The outcome and balance of the duality of the  lover and the beloved.

Those who had originated the English alphabet knew the meaning of the numbers and that is why they have kept the total number of alphabets, exactly 26.

When you see a meaningful balance and harmony, God is there.

Words are the carrier of meanings.

And without God life has no meaning because, God is meaning.

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