Icarus & Daphne

This is a┬ástory of two modern people whose stories parallel those of two character’s from Greek Mythology. Icarus is an anachronistic poet bard dreaming of true love. In the original myth of Icarus, he was the boy who didn’t heed the warnings of his father and flew too close to the sun, burned his wings, and fell to earth. Our modern Icarus is essentially that same character, a divine being, fallen to earth, misunderstood and forgotten.

Daphne, our heroine, in her Greek myth was a beautiful virgin nymph of the forest whose life took a turn for the worse through no fault of her own. Because Apollo’s arrogance he was punished by the son of Venus to fall madly in love with the first woman he saw while the object of his affection would be cursed with revolt for him. And so, Apollo saw Daphne and could not bear to be apart. To her horror he chased her until she prayed to her father, a river god, to turn her into a tree so Apollo could never fulfill his desire. For aeons she stayed rooted to the earth as a tree.

In our tale, Daphne is a mysterious woman who suddenly wakes up from a long coma. For all we know, she is the mythical Daphne awoken to complete her unfinished story.

When they meet, Icarus and Daphne recognize that they are soul mates from another place and time and that their new found love can complete them, give them the strength to heal the past and create an amazing synergistic future. This is where the story ends, but it is only the beginning.

The first 18 pages of the script can be read here:

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